Lake Como | Lake Como



It is often called the world’s most beautiful lake and for obvious reasons: Set against the foothills of the Alps, dramatic scenery abounds in every direction…

Majestic mountains, medieval villages, quaint lakeside towns lined with historic homes, ancient monasteries and castles, elegant villas and palaces ensconced in verdant manicured gardens…the eyes and imagination can feast forever here.

Famously shaped like an inverted ‘Y’, Italy’s third largest lake is 400 meters deep and 46 kilometres long. This magnificent body of water has been drawing people since Roman times – and it continues to be a magnet for the world’s rich and famous, specifically the western shore of the Lake which gets the most sunshine owing to the mountains not blocking the light. It is along this stretch that you will find the most stunning villas belonging to top celebrities, footballers and the like.


Lake Como is deemed to have a subtropical climate which translates to an average daily temperature of around 3.7 degrees in January and 23.4 degrees in July. The water temperature can reach a pleasant 24 degrees in summer, making it perfect for swimming and an array of watersports like waterskiing, windsurfing, sailing – even kitesurfing.

Lake Como enjoys its own micro-climate, its waters also moderate the temperature in the surrounding areas so farms here are producing crops you might typically associate with more Mediterranean climes, like olives, lemons and grapes.


Whether you’re into culture and fine cuisine, swimming and sunbathing, or getting out in nature to walk, climb, windsurf or ski down mountains, Lake Como really does have it all, both as holiday destination and place to live. This is the ‘sweet life’ at its sweetest.