As one of the largest suppliers of various types of ice cream in the retail- and supermarket, Hennig-Olsen Is saw a potential in adding frozen yoghurt to their product portfolio.
Based on new insights and various focus group testing, the new concept DUGG was created with the purpose to meet the needs of people who enjoy their everyday ice cream, but who also care for their health.
Over the last couple of years, consumers have been exposed to various versions of “Yoghurt-ice cream” actually containing less yoghurt than cream. It was therefore important to position DUGG as a product made of natural ingredients and something consumers can enjoy more often as it was made of very little fat. Furthermore, it was vital to separate DUGG from the saturated Hennig-Olsen Is brand, and to make sure DUGG stood out in the crowded ice cream fridges, packed with ice cream desert brands.

Recent Work