Sara Cilia

22 January 2024

Sara Cilia is the face and driving force behind The Lake Como Villa Real Estate.

Born in Argentina but of Italian descent, Sara was drawn to Italy in her early 20’s where she quickly established herself as a dynamic, diligent and dedicated businesswoman. While a resident in the sophisticated style capital of Milan, she managed two of the city’s leading sports clubs enjoying high levels of career success.

A student of life, she was an intrepid traveller, determined to learn and grow through new experiences. Not surprisingly, she called ‘home’ many different cities (Milan,  London, several USA cities, and Brussels) before settling on Lake Como and finally in Lugano, Switzerland, with her family. Well acquainted with the English-speaking expat community in all of these countries, having lived and worked amongst them, Sara gained an in-depth knowledge of this market – insight that has been invaluable in realising her real estate career ambitions.

Confident, creative and 100% committed to providing an elevated real estate service to her clients, Sara is the definition of ‘hands-on’, as she gets actively involved in all areas of her business, from sales and marketing to public relations, administration and interior design.

But as the ‘frontwoman’ of The Lake Como Villa Real Estate, Sara’s true strength lies in her ability to connect authentically with her clients. They like her. They open up to her and know that she has their best interest at heart. She instils TRUST.

Sara is a firm believer that people buy from people – a sentiment that has steered her to success and one that will always be at the core of her company.

  • Qualifications: Marketing and Public Relationship, Sales and Management
  • Languages: Spanish, Italian, English
  • Hobbies: Golf, tennis, skiing and travelling