TINE Melkerampa, co with Inne Design

TINE is always looking for ways to connect with its end-users, to find an arena where its products are at centre and to show their actual origins – not usually seen by consumers during their weekly grocery shop. The opportunity to create a presence at Oslo’s brand new food-hall, Mathallen, opened up a new channel for TINE to help lift the brand as having a soul and personality. At Melkerampa, they can communicate and interact with the end-users at a point beyond the supermarket fridge.
In developing the identity we focused on the long dairy culture which TINE has been a major part of over the last 130 years, and gave them a modern expression. The name Melkerampa conjures up images of the rich tradition of a social meeting place where news was exchanged. At Melkerampa you’ll find products you may or may not be familiar with, both private Melkerampa labels and existing premium TINE products.
A digital strategy was created to support the physical store and amplify the brand online, including a Facebook and Twitter presence and a fully responsive website which beautifully shows off the profile in the digital arena.

Recent Work